Assurances Saint-Germain


Assurances Saint-Germain
Assurances Saint-Germain

Insurance brokerage

Part of the Pelège Group since 1995, Assurances Saint Germain (ASG) is an insurance brokerage firm operating in the real estate sector.

Assurances Saint-Germain 58 rue de Châteaudun 75009 Paris T 01 48 00 89 79 Contact us

Ideally situated in the heart of the insurance sector in the 9th district of Paris, ASG specialises in the insurance of real estate.


 Thanks to our excellent knowledge of the real estate business, especially in the administration of estates and body corporate activities, ASG operates all over France advising its clientele on the types of contracts best adapted to their needs:

  • Multirisques Immeuble (Comprehensive building insurance), covers the entire building, be it a co-owned building or sole ownership.
  • Multirisques Habitation (Comprehensive home insurance), with the Generali insurance Group.
  • Multirisques Professionnelle (Professional insurance), for owners and lease holders of office and commercial spaces.


In order to guarantee the best insurance contracts, as regards both the insurance coverage and insurance premiums, ASG works in partnership with the leading insurance companies: GENERALI, AXA, AGF, COVEA, CARDIF, APRIL, CIPRES VIE, AIG VIE, PHARMASSUR.