Property ownership, asset management

GTF REIM is a landholding and property trading company, affiliated to the Pelège Group since 1993, with a social capital of 1 150 000€ and 5 million euros in capital stock.

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The landholding company of the Pelège Group since 1993, GTF REIM purchases buildings on it’s own account or markets them following renovation. The company deals in buildings with office space and dwellings, hotels and commercial premises in and around Paris, as well as in provincial France.

Most of the properties are situated in the buildings located at 50 to 58 rue de Châteaudun in Paris, boutiques as well as offices space in the towns of Nice, Auron, Isola 2000 and Juan-les-Pins, most occupied by the Group services. 

asset management

GTF Real Estate Investment Management is a well known actor in all sectors of the real estate market. In permanent contact with the market, the institutions and the investors, GTF REIM is involved in all the areas of real estate expertise, asset management, investment advice, property management and real estate promotion. GTF REIM offers a personalized service, adapted to their clients’ strategic goals, both financially and in estate preservation.


In order to achieve the greatest value of our clients’ estates, GTF REIM puts in place a personalized strategy, specifically in 5 stages:

  • devising strategic investments
  • a wealth promotion strategy
  • efficient and effective sourcing
  • directed acquisition phase
  • regular reporting