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Vaneau China investment
Vaneau China investment

Investing in French real estate

A new branch of the Pelège Group, managed by Mrs Zhen LI, Vaneau China Investment is dedicated to accompanying wealthy Chinese clients in the acquisition of Parisian residences and advising overseas companies wishing to invest in the tertiary real estate market in France.

Vaneau China investment 50 rue de Châteaudun 75009 Paris T 01 48 00 89 72 Contact us

Vaneau China Investment accompanies it’s Chinese clientele (private individuals, companies or institutions) wishing to invest in residential or tertiary real estate, hotels, all types of agricultural properties, vineyards, purchasing shares or entire companies in France.


Pursuant to a dynamic development strategy, Vaneau China Investment has established two agencies in China in order to be as close as possible to its Chinese clientele and maximize their trip to France (pre-selecting properties of interest, organisation of property viewings, accommodation, conferences...)

The two agencies, in Beijing and in Hong Kong, are overseen by our Paris agency in rue de Châteaudun, its mission being to be the link between the other divisions of the Group.


With the support of the different branches of the Group, particularly Vaneau, GTF and Proxity, Vaneau China Investment is able to offer its clients the widest range of real estate available (apartments, buildings, office and commercial premises, land....)all the while guiding them financially, legally and administratively with the assistance of the different divisions of the Pelège Group.

Our team

Zhen LI
Zhen LIVaneau China Investment Managing Director

Our offices

Paris Office

50 rue de Châteaudun
75009 Paris
T 01 48 00 89 72

Beijing Office

2609-2610 Wen Hua Palace
Working People’s Cultural Palace - Dongcheng District - Beijing

Hong-Kong Office

New Treasure center 30/F, 10NG Fong Street San Po Kong Kowloon
Hong Kong