The Pelège Group

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The Pelège Group

michel-pelege.jpgThe Pelège Group participates in all facets of real estate: residential transactions, property management, real estate development, tertiary real estate market, works management and oversight, seasonal rentals or even estate advice.
The Group has the assistance of 15 affiliated companies uniting experienced and efficient professionals with numerous specialised divisions (legal, financial, works, IT, communication...), so as to guarantee clients and partners top quality service.

Presided by Michel Pelège since the founding of the Ggroup, two major 100% family owned holding companies control, define and drive the branches of the group: Michel Pelège Investissement (M.P.I) and Immobilière Michel Pelège (I.M.P).
The primary holding company of the Group, M.P.I, manages the companies GTF SA, SAS Vaneau, SAS Vaneau Cote d’Azur, Lecobel SA (Vaneau Bruxelles), GTF REIM, Assurances Saint-Germain, Vaneau China Investment and participates in the ownership of Bourgeois Immobilier and GTF Pharma.

Michel Pelège presides over the M.P.I Supervisory Board and Anne-Laurence de Lagrange Chancel over the Board of Directors.
I.M.P is the majority shareholder of the real estate development and oversight company, Proxity.
With a substantial presence in and around Paris, as well as on the French Riviera, through over thirty agencies, the Group turned towards international expansion, with the acquisition of Brussel based company Lecobel in 2014 and with the founding of Vaneau China Investement in 2015.

Managing Director and CEO, Chief Executive Officer


Michel Pelège


Michel Pelège Investissements


Immobilière Michel Pelège

  • Proxity

    Real estate development
    Works management and oversight
    Project management

Key Figures

  • 100% Family-owned group
  • 10 professions
  • 350 employees
  • 30 Branches
  • 16 companies extending over the spectrum of real estate activities
  • 40 million turnover

Our professions

The Pelège Group companies


Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website

We are excited to welcome you to our new website , online show-case of the Pelège Group. There you’ll find a General Presentation of our Group and its professions, as well as detailed presentation of all the Groups companies.

Good surfing!

Launch of Vaneau China Investment

Launch of Vaneau China Investment

Most recent creation of the Groups companies, Vaneau China Investment aims to counsel and guide Chinese clients (private individuals and companies) in their real estate investment projects in France : residences, office and commercial premises, buildings, real estate development....

Managed by Zhen Li, Vaneau China Investment works closely with its clients, a third office recently opened in Beijing, now complements the two other existing offices in Paris and Hong Kong.